Mark Fenton - Leadership or Strategic Planning Sessions

Yes, we do need year round bicycle parking! Minneapolis, MN
Yes, we do need year round bicycle parking! Minneapolis, MN

Mark Fenton - Engineering physical activity back into American communities and lives

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Leadership or Strategic Planning Sessions

Ideally designed for targeted groups of community leaders, work site managers, group leaders, and/or key stakeholders, such a session can include a review of the current environmental and policy factors influencing the physical activity habits of residents or employees. This can be especially effective if I provide some recommendations for action to guide a facilitated discussion of specific steps a company, organization, or community might take to improve the health and well-being of its target population. (Such sessions must obviously be designed very specifically to the desires and interests of the participants, and are highly interactive.) They often begin with a PowerPoint presentation when appropriate, to outline environmental and policy level tools used to create more activity promoting settings, followed by a group assessment of local needs, and prioritization of specific target activities. I can go a step further and create a detailed action plan, to give clearer structure to the ideas if desired.
This can be most effective if presented in a focused time frame, perhaps including a meal and/or hosted by a high profile leader (mayor, CEO). For example: